Tree Removal

Tree removal provides benefits to our community and climate stability.

All trees have a definite life expectancy. Removal being the last option when trees cannot be pruned to reduce a hazard or structural damage is being caused.

Why Remove a Tree

  • Significant structural damage to property is being caused
  • Tree is dead, dying, diseased and at the end of it’s life span
  • Structurally unsound and dropping limbs
  • Council development applications require removal of trees
  • Trees are classified as noxious weeds 

Can I Top a Tree

You should never Top a tree except in emergency situations to make safe of imminent danger.

Topping creates problems such as:

  • Increased pest and disease
  • Poorly attached regrowth that can fall without warning
  • Death to part of the root system or increase in feeder root growth
  • Increased cost and frequency of maintenance
  • Reduces tree’s life span
  • Decreased sunlight as the remaining branches produce extra leaves
  • Loss of aesthetics and neutral shape



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